Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Hardest Call

That I think I have ever had to make to my husband is the one I had to make today.

Ratchet, our new baby Colby Pit Bull, became very sick in the last couple of days. I made arrangements to take her to the vet today... The diagnosis was parvo. The chances of Ratchet making it with extreme measures being taken to make her well were stacked against the odds. Between the costs and moreso the fact that I have a neighbor who gives not one dime of care to his dozens of cats roaming around the chances of her getting parvo again are VERY great, thus making it so that she'd have to go through the rigorous treatments all over again...and again. Each time putting more stress on her immune system and making her more susceptible to it and other diseases.

I did let the guy who gave us Ratchet about the parvo, so that he can let others know whom he's given other puppies to, so that they are aware and be sure to get their dogs their shots like they're supposed to. I was going to be taking Ratchet in for her second round of shots tomorrow morning, no later than Monday morning.

She was such a sweet baby girl. I'll miss her dearly...even my momma cat,Piston, didn't mind her getting a snack once in a while.

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