Friday, July 31, 2009

School supplies

I hit a pretty good deal today at our local grocery store, of all places. They were having a sale on school supplies, but only if you are a "Homeland Card" holder ...

My total bill was $55...until she ran my card... :cool: $10.15 was my final total.

That $10 bought :
6 - 24ct Crayola Crayon boxes (he needs 4 for class, the other two are for the house - 4 for $1 - normally 2.99ea)
5 - 2ct Elmers glue sticks (he needs 6 sticks, but they were 5pkg for $1 normally 1.99ea)
6 folders at 10 cents each
3 - 150 sheet count wide ruled packs of paper (he needs 4, but they only had 3 - $.50 each - normally $1.79ea)
8 - 70 sheet spiral notebooks (he didn't need any, for now, but I go thru these like crazy 8 for $1-normally $1.19ea)

Of course the markers weren't on sale, those were $2.50 :roll:

:clap: I'm so pleased. When we got home we rounded up the reusable supplies from last year - school box, ruler, and backpack I'd already bought a couple of things..

So the only things I have left to get is a pair of scissors and Clorox Wipes. :clap:

And a pair of shoes, but was holding out on those for until I got the basics covered, as he's likely to wear his sandals everyday until it gets cold anyways... :roll: and with my luck he'll have the new shoes outgrown. :pray: That is not the case.

Of course I realize that 90% of what was bought is under the impression that it'll be all he'll need during the school year, therefore I shouldn't have to buy again, but in reality I know that most of it will get thrown into the "community" bin to help out those of his classmates whose parents may not be willing/able/whatever to get school supplies for their children, and that's fine enough with me. I remember being one of my very low-income parents' four children, and there were many times that just getting the absolute bare minimums in supplies was quite the hardship for them, so am happy that my son's school does the community bins so that other students don't have quite all the embarrassment I remember feeling in school.

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