Saturday, September 19, 2009

Circus! Circus!

Actually it wasn't Circus Circus, but a circus of sorts nonetheless. Culpepper & Merriweather Circus to be exact. The important thing is the kids enjoyed themselves - I believe Mikaila was the loudest of the crowd, but when the crowd is only *maybe* 150 people and you're sitting not 30 feet from the middle of the ring itself, its not too difficult to feel like she's the only one enjoying the show, during the middle of the show. Seriously, the crowd SUCKED! It almost seemed like the performers had to cue the audience when to clap, laugh, the works. ugh. I understand it wasn't something terribly spectacular, we didn't all drive out to the county fair grounds to see the Ringling Brothers under a tattered tent, but the performers did a great job and deserved to be congratulated!

...The quality of the photos suck for two reasons : 1. Its a cheap camera that's acting like crap these days. 2. I had to hold Mikaila on my lap the entire time to keep her from trying to go play with the kitties or just join the show! LOL...

The show started off with a display of some mighty kitties and their talents.

The cat show was followed by a talented trapeze one point she hung by just a strap around her head and spun quite rapidly while swinging....There is NO net for any of the "high" actsm just a couple of pieces of ply board and the ground to land on, in case of any mistakes - fortunately there were none! Mikaila really enjoyed this bit of the act, squealing and screeching in utter delight and from the look on the artist's face she seemed to enjoy Mikaila's enthusiasm for her show!

This gal was quite talented as well - balancing back and forth on just a board and bowling ball, then adding steps to it, while inbetween adding steps would slip a hoop around her body, starting with one foot, going over her body, then slipping out and stepping off from the other foot. Yikes!
The clown, Miss Jessie, gave quite the show with her "How to Find a Man" act, where she pulled a poor unsuspecting guy out of the audience to point out her ideal. ;) Poor guy, kept checking back in with his wife, who was sitting behind us, to double check with her if whether or not he was stepping "out of line", just judging by his expressions and her encouragement. LMAO

The unicyclists were quite entertaining...even though by this point Mikeal obviously became bored and resorted to asking me 900 questions about everything...ugh...
At intermission they brought out a 20ft Albino python that you could take pictures with...we passed. But Mikeal did get close enough to touch it and took pictures of it. ...I don't care for snakes...

There was a fairly tame act where a gal showed off her trained pigeons...It was made even more evident at this point that even with the intermission and the chance to stretch his legs did not deter Mikeal from trying to ask another 900 questions about everything from here on out...ugh. I understand questions are a wonderful thing, asking questions is the only way a person is ever going to learn something and understand it, but GEESH I have taught him there is a proper time for questions, that this was not one of those times...not something he cares to comprehend at this time.

The final act on the high wire left me fairly well sitting there with my gut in my throat. I am not one for heights and like I said there was no net. The dude stood on his head, sat on a chair, jumped rope, and then carried the gal across the tight rope on his shoulders. I think I held my breath.

All in all it was pretty good and worth the money ($25, total) we spent to go see it and do a few extra things. :)

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