Thursday, September 3, 2009

Really Nice!

While double checking the bills I was surprised by two things : First, the electric bill...a staggering $121 this month...last month it was $64...BUT there's a $230 credit on my bill, so I have $110 left over for next month/the following month, especially since I'm not running the ACs much, if at all the last few weeks, my bill should be dropping back into the $45-75 range (depending on the bill date, compared with when I quit running the AC). If this weather pattern holds up until the 20th I'm going to be taking the window units out of the house, and putting them into the shed until next May/June...

The other surprise came on the phone bill...a $15 extra charge from one of those internet company things, where you put in your phone number for whatever. Fortunately my phone company doesn't make me pay that, but still, I have to deal with calling the company and making them give me back a least that's how its worked in the phone company doesn't make me pay it, just write it off, and then the company charging me gives me a 2-3 month credit back on my bill is normally $17 a month, so a 2-3 month credit of $15 each month means a $30-45 credit...I might not have to pay an electric or phone bill for a month or two. Cha-CHING!

In other news, I'm trying to get Mikaila into a better sleeping pattern so am going to start waking her earlier and earlier over this coming week in hopes that she'll go to sleep earlier. I got her up roughly 1.5 hrs "early" 9am...and she is not grouchy and woke up easy, I'm counting this as a good sign.

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