Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silly things

I've noticed a great number of things that have struck me as funny, odd, and peculiar in the last couple of days. I've been just browsing blogs, seeing what there is around the blog world, admiring pictures, drooling over new recipes to try, picking up new crafting ideas, the works, its really been awesome for me...that in addition to my children both doing really well about going to bed at a decent hour actually allowing me some decompression time in the evening. I've also ran across a great number of things that have given me quite a few giggles.

Most of the inspirations to my giggling over blogs has come from blogs that are in a language other than English and packed with pictures. Now I'm quite familiar with a great number of languages, not enough to count myself as fluent in any of them, but just enough that I can generally get a good idea of what's being talked about, ESPECIALLY if there are pictures or gestures (if in person). Spanish, Italian, German, Portugese, Gaelic, French and of course English being the ones I'm most familiar with.

There was one I came across yesterday that was labeled as having adult content, you had to confirm that you were over 18 to view...out of mere curiosity I entered the site... It was written in Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch German, okay, so I wouldn't be able to read it fluently...but it was LACED in pictures. Pictures everywhere! LMAO I came across maybe 3 "erotic" in nature pictures, most of them were of children's crafts, cupcakes, very delicious looking cupcakes I might add, children's toys, wedding tips, pretzels in the shape of penises in the windows of a small shop - in addition to a picture of a guy taking a big bite out of one - from what I gathered of the profile picture it was the husband of the lady taking the picture. It also had an article on the history of vibrators. The blog itself was QUITE extensive and obviously covered a great number of different topics, the pish posh of such was quite entertaining for me. I was one of those kids that completely enjoyed watching silent films - or even modern films on mute - and making up my own lines with friends of mine. :D Flipping through that blog was much like that all over again.

Another VERY amusing thing for me to see throughout MANY a blogs is self portraits - the ones they've taken of themselves, while standing in a dirty bathroom, with the camera over their faces and a bright flash. There is never just one of these types of pictures for their blogs, there are MULTITUDES of such pictures all on just one blog, it almost makes me think she's trying to show you how good she looks with a camera and a bright light over her face while the mirror she's taking the picture in is covered in dirt, hairspray, and toothpaste splatters.

Then of course there are the pictures that girls take of themselves making kissy faces, as if contorting their face to resemble a fish is supposed to be attractive or display that there is more to them than the fish face. I feel it makes them look immature and just stupid.

One of my favorite entries though was an English one, so I was able to read it quite well. Now, with saying that I was an honor student in school and have a tendency to find errors with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I'm not a perfectionist at it, by any stretch, at least not in my own writing as I write as I think, sometimes it comes out very well articulated, while other times it comes out a jumbled mess, for me its important just to get it out. Now, having said that this particular entry that I found to be most amusing was written by someone who tried to believe themselves to be extremely superb in vocabulary, punctuation, and proper use of each, by complaining about persons not well schooled. Such was absolutely not the case, the dude misused "they're/there/their" a number of times by only using there. The entire entry was nothing but one big paragraph, at least as long as my current entry. He'd use a person's singular name at the beginning of a sentence to turn around and use "they" later in the same run-on sentence to refer back to the subjected person. It was an all around fail.

I also have to state that in my humble opinion many of these fashion blogs have some VERY ugly clothing lines that they're trying to promote. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but come on! A sheer dress that leaves NOTHING but the wearer's legs to the imagination, that's just yuck and pointless, especially when the model is wearing no under garments, at all, and the skirt of the dress flows ten feet behind her on the ground.

That's it for the time being. LOL Other than the fact I just finished eating one of the MOST delicious nectarines I think I've ever had, it was big, juicy, just the right balance of sweet and tart - I picked up 7 pounds of them today at a roadside stand for $5. I may have to drive all the way out there again for more very soon!

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