Saturday, September 5, 2009

One of the Many Gripes about my Neighbors

Ok, so I have a LOT of issues with my neighbors that live right next to us, but this is one that takes the lead.

Its the "mother" screaming at the 4 year old, like the 4 year old is some sort of degenerate adult. I know its a bit hard to hear over their dog barking incessantly ...and then Mikeal talking right next to me. But I'm needing to know if anyone else is able to hear & understand what is being said and who its being said to and who's saying it. I know I can hear it because I hear it every flipping day! But I need to make sure someone else can hear it before I email it to one of the caseworkers at child services...because well, they can't prove that she's doing this unless they catch her, and if they're there the "mother" is on best type of behavior.

I feel very bad for this little girl and everything she's put thru by her "mother"...technically grandma as her bio mother was a teenager who didn't want to take care of her....I digress though.

Yes, I also know Mikaila is in a diaper and shirt, playing in my garden, with no shoes on, but she'd made her escape from the house. My yard also is in DESPERATE need of being mowed, but its been raining on and off for a week...but you can see the distinct line between my yard and the neighbor's yard...theirs is the tall grass on the other side of the propane tank.

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