Friday, September 4, 2009

Some people

just can't seem to see past themselves. They're the only one who is right, everyone else is wrong, even when the rest of everyone else has the same problem...them and their attitude.

They ask for advice, only give one side of the oh so horrible situation, and when the other's side is mentioned its all lies and blasphemy.

I think proper advice can only be given when the whole situation is able to be examined. And quite frankly, bitching about your husband having relationship issues, because he's been married nearly half a dozen times, but failing to mention that you too have had just as many relationships, and more, to produce children, is not too fair to your husband to blame all the relationship problems on him. And going to countless counselors and quitting going to them because they tell you YOU have some issues that you need to address still does nothing to fix the problem. You both have problems, so you can either carry on as is, continue with having the problems until you call this relationship quits, and carry the issues onto your next relationships, or you can get over your issues with serious help, help that you actually take seriously, and build from that, react out of knowledge and logic as opposed to just throwing a tantrum.

OK, that is all.

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