Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A couple of months ago my mom taught Mikaila how to eat cereal with milk, and how to drink the milk out of the bowl. It became one of her favorite breakfasts to have...then she realized the mess I had to lay off the milk.

But it works out fairly well. Instead of milk I've put in yogurt or applesauce. I also cut up a variety of other fruits to put in it ...she LOVES it!

I absolutely love the little dances she does when she realizes what she's getting, she gets super excited over bananas, its adorable.

On the bright side we've been subbing the milk for yogurt or applesauce for a while now and those are the least messy breakfasts, with the exception being scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit, she does well with eating that as well.

I'm so thankful she's not a picky eater! Mikeal was one VERY picky eater..and still is to a point..and it was a constant headache. With Mikaila I've been able to expand our cuisine to involve a great number of exotic things, LOVING it! I haven't found anything that she just doesn't seem to like.

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