Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, I was going to do daily ToDo lists

but its just one of those things that keeps me at the computer for extra minutes during the day. LOL

But I am going to start working on a better schedule of some sort to help me get back on track, then stay on track.

My chores for tomorrow include :

Scrubbing the kitchen floor - I've been putting it off or just getting by with it the WetJet for much too long

Laundry to get put away - another thing that's been put off and put off

Winter clothes to go thru and get out, either put to wash or hung

"junk" cupboards to get cleaned out and organized - two of them have been used to just stash things in behind child proof latches

Two shelves to get hung back up in the living room - took them down the other day, didn't get a chance to get them back up.

Put up some other shelving up on the walls in the kids' room & living room - nixed this idea

Find the stupid cricket that is in the house and get rid of it...its DRIVING ME NUTS! Brian took care of this last night for me.

And last, but not least, actually the only thing I've been stressing about not being able to get done - is mow the lawn. It keeps raining every morning, and not drying out by the time Mikaila goes down for a nap, so I've been unable to get it done, my mom is going to be here tomorrow, JIC so I can just get it done. - nearly all done, one small section, the last section, still not done as we were ran out by Yellow Jackets, going to get rid of them later with boiling water and dish soap, once they think the coast is clear. :D

I also got the bedroom vacuumed and looking pretty again - YAY!

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