Monday, September 14, 2009

OH Muddy Days

are here again.

So its been rainy, cold-ish (in otherwords, not 110*, actually just hovering around 70) and really looking like Fall is here!!! WOOT! Generally we don't start getting Fall until November, if we get Fall. Summer and Winter like to switch off this time of year here. *eyeroll* Who knows by Halloween it might actually be cool enough for parents to actually put clothes on their pre-teens instead of letting them dress up like 8 year old street hookers, likely not, but its nice to dream...

But back to the original thoughts at hand. I seem to have gotten my camera acting correctly - at least allowing my computer to extract the pictures from it, for now. The kids and I got home from going to the store...and since I was busy getting the groceries into the house and answering the phone, Mikaila took the perfect opportunity to embark on a mud puddle adventure.

The two of them had a blast! Mikaila thought it was just the greatest thing ever, but she would, she is quite the water bug. It was rather a bit upsetting for me to have to drag her back inside after half an hour in the mud, but I did have things to get done in the house though. Seeing how its only maybe 70* outside and the kids were wet, they were also cold. But only after getting her wet clothes off of her and she wrapped up in a towel she was much happier to hang out watching Curious George.

And it would appear to be that at some point in time Mikeal was so worried about getting one shirt dirty that he went and got a different shirt... UGH!

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