Friday, September 4, 2009

The Screeching

You'll want to turn your volume up...

as in way up...

that doesn't quite cut it..

Alright, fine, be that way, you're the one missing out on the full effect.

Now I hear this (at very top volume) on a VERY regular basis....

I just happened to of been able to be running the camera at this particular time, my mom is the one egging her on...

I'm warning you

Your Volume setting is not up high enough.

Now, you must realize this is not an isolated case of her screeching. This occurs for just about everything, at ALL hours of the day.

As I'm fumbling my way thru making her breakfast first thing in the morning I hear this, its generally associated with a little dance and squeals laughter.

During her morning shows...Word World especially...more squeals and shrieks of excitement.

While waiting for her lunch to be prepared, shrieks of irritation and annoyance, that I put whatever I'm fixing her, into the microwave, followed closely with tears and wailing, at this same level and volume, while tugging at my legs if I dare move away from the microwave...almost immediately followed, once again, by the shrieks of delight and excitement once the microwave has dinged.

This interchange of irritation/excitement shrieking starts right back up once we go outside to play for a bit after lunch.

After coming inside all excitement is gone and its all out shrieking until laid down for her nap...then there is peace.

It starts back up again when she awakens and finds out that her Bubba has returned from school, more excitement, then double excitement, mixed with a dance that it is then snack time.

If that's not enough, not her brother is home to share in the excessive noise of chase and hide-n-seek around the furniture is a great favorite it seems. BOY! It gets LOUD.

The meltdowns and all out fits start as I'm getting dinner started. This behavior does not cease until dinner is served, then she's back to being happy shrieky giggles.

More happy shrieks are to come as bath time encroaches upon her....but MAN! They can sure make a mess of that tiny bathroom, I generally wind up soaked during her bath time.

Then she gets the sleepy sillies and her way of "recharging" herself is with more laughing giggly shrieking...

Eventually, roughly 5 hours later she will actually settle long enough to sleep...then its blessed peace for the next 8-10 hrs...


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