Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's Goals.

I REALLY need to get back on track with my regular to-do lists. Somewhere in the last few weeks/months I've lost track...completely...and it SHOWS, horridly.

I know its fairly late in the afternoon, so I'm going to just start with my evening to-do list.

4:00pm - Mikeal is home from school, snacks, homework, day's dishes
4:30pm - start dinner prep, wipe out fridge
5:00pm - start dinner
6:30pm - dinner clean-up
7:00pm - sweep & mop kitchen
7:30pm - baths
8:00pm - Mikeal to bed
8:30pm - living room pick-up
9:00pm - laundry put away
9:30pm - set-out dinner for tomorrow
10:00pm - make sure Brian has lunch for tomorrow, pets fed and watered, bathroom wiped down, obstacles removed from floors

The times are to just give me a frame to work with of when I need to start something, or I hope to have something done by that time.

Dishes done : 4:04pm
Fridge cleaned out & those dishes done : 4:45pm
Living room picked up and vacuumed : 4:55pm
Dinner prepped and going : 5:30pm, will be done soon
Dinner done and cleaned up from...minus the kids' plates that they're still eating on : 6:00pm

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