Thursday, September 3, 2009

What the politicians all need...

is a Mommy figure!

Someone to step in, take away all their toys and privileges until they can all learn to get along and actually do their job!

A mommy who isn't afraid to smack their hands, put them in time-out, and can delegate who's in charge of what to get the most done in the shortest amount of time, and if they're unable to do so, steps in and shows them how to do it.

A mommy who knows how to budget on an low income and who doesn't give out "equal" privileges to everyone, just privileges to those who have earned it.

We've evolved into a country that everyone does what they want, when they want to, without consequence, and those who screw up the worse are the ones rewarded the best.

Mommies are given the lowest pay of all, yet have the "burden" of the most responsibilities. And most of them do it happily, not wishing to trade it for anything because they know they have an important job and take PRIDE in a job well done!

We're missing pride in a job well done here! They all want more money, and don't care who they squash in their efforts to get more.

Success is no longer measured in a job well done, only measured in the almighty dollar sign. Compassion has gone by the wayside, greed has taken over.

Take just the issue of health insurance -

All the insurance agencies stress how you need this insurance at (for my family) $1000 a month...."in case of something major". Because my husband and I don't have insurance we're given less than par medical help, doesn't matter our ability to pay the bills or not, we don't have insurance, so they're not going to actually do anything for us...tell us these things are in our head. My PCP has a cash price and a price for insurance. The cash price to see him is $70 a visit, the insurance price is a $30 co-pay from us, PLUS a bill of $150 to the insurance company. If we're to use the local hospital emergency room we're billed $1000 (average) for just the visit (with them willing to take at least 45% off that cost if we pay it off in 90 days)...that same bill, sent to an insurance agency, is upwards of $5000, with us having to pay a $2500 deductible (again, average). The higher insurance rates go up, the higher this difference is.

So is we had insurance for the family we'd pay roughly $12,000 a year just for the insurance. Based on our last year of ER visits and regular office visits our total of co-pays and deductibles would of been at least another $4000, not to neglect to mention prescriptions at about $1500 out of pocket expenses over the last year. So that's a grand total of $17,500 for just one year of "medical" expenses, with insurance. Instead, going with the cash option, settling out the bills at 45%, we spent a WHOLE grand total (after we finish paying off the bills) of ...are you sure you want to even know? Now remember, we would of paid out $17,500 if we had insurance, included in that total is the cost of the insurance... We paid, over the last 12 months, in medical expenses, this includes 2 ambulance assisted rides to the ER, just right at $10,000. That's a $7,500 SAVINGS over having insurance. Of course since we don't have insurance, Brian's trip to the ER, the one where his heart quit beating on the way to the hospital, where they tried to tell him it "just" was a kidney stone, until that test came back clean, but couldn't figure out why his body went BEET red, with 106* temp, sweating profusely, then completely dehydrated, they did a few x-rays, gave him lots of pain meds, for the cramping - cramping caused by the dehydration - did a CAT scan...after 8 hrs couldn't "find anything wrong with him", so sent him home, no reason for his symptons, maybe just an outcry for attention, a form of self-Munchhausen...Yea, because my husband knows how to, in the middle of the night, while sleeping, knows how to raise his body temp to 106*, knows how to turn his body beet red, and stop his heart....Yes, he'd been asleep for about 3-4 hrs before waking up in SEVERE pain. But there's "nothing wrong with him". I can almost guarantee you, with a 99% confidence that had he had insurance they would of found something wrong with him, even if it meant he had to see a ton of specialists.

I also feel that insurance should ONLY cover severe medical issues such as cancer, heart problems, and the like. Necessary meds should not cost a month's salary, in fact I don't feel that necessary meds should cost anything. Anything else should be an out of pocket charge, folks should be allowed to shop around for the best prices in their care and compare that cost with the care they receive, thus having the ultimate freedom to choose their own health care. I don't feel that charging someone a higher price or telling them they're not able to be covered because of "pre-existing" conditions is legitimate in any way.

So yes, we need a competent mommy to take a hold of things and get some sense knocked into these folks who are all about themselves and their bottom dollar.

The whole gas/oil fiasco, nothing more than a way to expand their own pockets. Only problem with that is that as they got greedier they sped up the process, knowing that everyone was at their mercy. They didn't care about the long term effects of this greed though...only cared about their own pockets, didn't take into consideration that everything would have to go up in price, that the economy that was already tottering on a bunch of maxed out credit cards, not to fail to mention the whole Madoff thing with mortgages and the like, it all needed a catalyst to blow up...and so it did. These things by themselves wouldn't of caused the blow-up, it was the combination of all of it.

I stand by it. There needs to be a mommy in charge of all of it, one who takes away everyone's toys until they can be fair and get along and do the right thing.

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